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companies have remote employees.

Use NOEDO's potential to find outstanding talent, build your employer brand and make better personnel decisions.

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The home office is gaining ground, work is becoming more flexible and location-independent.
Is Your Company Remote Ready?
Our mission is to provide ambitious, medium-sized companies with a competitive advantage through remote work. This means that they not only win the "War for Talent" but can also develop their full potential through digital processes.
Of all talents in Germany expressly want a home office or remote work and are happy to do without the office (Statista), which costs an average of over EUR 800 per month and employee (Savills).
Less staff turnover on average (Owl Labs). In addition, 80% of all employees report less work-related stress and distraction (Randstad).
Increased productivity for every single employee, even though, according to surveys among German entrepreneurs and personnel service providers, there is still great skepticism towards the home office.
Leila Janah
Founder, Samasource

"Talent is evenly distributed, but opportunities are not."

Sebastian Leonhard
Founder, Travelloc

"Remote work is not a new way of working, it's a new way of life."

Chris Herd
Founder, Firstbase

“Companies that introduced technology 20 years ago have replaced any company that didn't. Companies that use remote work will replace any company that doesn't for the next 20 years. The reason is incredibly simple: talent and efficiency. "

Practical help, academic studies and resources

We live, test and study the topic of home office & remote and its implications for companies. We will soon publish a comprehensive manual on this. We would also be happy to provide you with our database with resources for all things remote work.
Remote work and home office as an evolutionary stage of the company
Benefits for companies and employees
Attract talent digitally
Remote Hiring - Resources and Timeline
Templates: interview process and job description
Release date: Q1 2021

The NOEDO Portal

As a NOEDO client, you have access to our online portal. This means that you are always up to date with your talent search and can transparently follow which steps we are taking for you.

Our talent and consulting services

Simple. Transparent. Fair.

Fast and measurable

Thanks to optimized processes and the use of digital tools, we achieve the first relevant results just days after defining the search profile. We measure every step of our process chain so that results are clearly and performance-related for you.

Full transparency

It is important to us that you can understand our work and results. Transparency does not only refer to the price for maximum planning security, but to every process step through live reporting and access to our platform.

Strong search

Our team uses its experience and the most advanced techniques for an extensive search. Candidates are filtered, rated and courted according to defined attributes and required knowledge.



Development and creation of a job profile by a personal account manager for active marketing and management of your job advertisement.

Customer-specific application form and access to the NOEDO portal. This means that you always have an overview of the process and candidates.

Strategic proposals for remuneration and other specific distribution channels to maximize the number of relevant candidates.

Active distribution of the job profile on the relevant job exchanges, social media and the NOEDO candidate database.

Sending thank you letters to all applicants after the position has been filled.



Contains all services in "JOB CAMPAIGN".

Strategy discussion on marketing and addressing the vacant position, including corporate culture and strategy.

Evaluation and filtering of the best candidates in accordance with the requirement profile that has been developed.

Complete transparency of search results, including response rates, market overview and assessment of the general attractiveness of jobs compared to the market

Approach, compilation and briefing about suitable and interested candidates in the NOEDO client portal.

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Contains all services in "ACTIVE SEARCH".

The average duration of the recruiting process until the offer

Scheduling and interviews with suitable candidates (on average 10-20) per search after initial selection and feedback on your part.

Management and evaluation of technical assessments (if applicable) as well as a summary of the interview results and background information on each individual candidate.

Depending on how many candidates you want to speak to for interviews, we will take care of voting, scheduling and feedback.

If there are no suitable candidates after the final interviews on your part, we will continue to accept applications and make adjustments for you.

Our Guiding Principles


In order to guarantee sustainable solutions in personnel recruitment, quality comes first. For this we attach great importance to the "cultural fit". Ultimately, it is crucial that values and ideas are shared in order to be able to achieve overall goals together. In order to meet this quality requirement, we see ourselves as consultants for both our customers and our candidates.

Plain text

At NOEDO Digital, we speak plain language. For us, that means that we don't hide behind rambling processes. Starting with the advice on which product is right for you, through to the selection of the most suitable candidate, we are open, honest and transparent at your side. For us, an unfiltered opinion and communication form the basis for a trusting and long cooperation.

Living expertise

Of course we work flexibly, digitally and remotely. We can only advise your company professionally and extensively on all aspects of home office & remote work by living our product ourselves. For us, knowledge and experience are the key to mutual success.


Our Drive and Vision - Your Option

Background to the foundation and thoughts on the topic of remote work
# Remote Work

The Founders

Armin Popp

Head of Remote & Visionary

Benjamin S. Schlote

Head of Strategy & Integrator

Torben Ludwig

Head of Research & Operations

Philipp Paul

Head of Sales & Talent Management

The Visionaries

Zachary Weers

Associate Consultant

Hussain Shabbir

Associate Consultant

Roland Peter

Associate Consultant (Alumni)

Ferdinand Juerging

Associate Consultant

Julia Löhr

Associate Consultant

Justus Wessling

Associate Consultant

Are you a visionary? Then we want to get to know you.

Every person at NOEDO is part of our vision. In the search for the best solutions for our clients, we rely on constant iteration, open-mindedness and creativity for optimal personnel decisions. We always try to achieve something extraordinary, we look for a challenge and maintain a worldwide network to keep our knowledge up to date.

We are hiring


Your advantages when working with NOEDO

The constantly and ever faster changing labor market makes working with personnel consultancies more important than ever. On the one hand, the wishes and demands (not only of the younger generations) on companies are increasing; on the other hand, the market for specialists and managers is becoming more and more competitive. For companies, this means that traditional recruitment measures (such as job advertisements) are no longer sufficient. The targeted and direct addressing of suitable candidates by personnel consultancies ensures that candidates are also addressed who are not actively looking for a job and accordingly on, among other things, Job postings would not respond. In addition, the cooperation with personnel consultancies offers a significant time factor when positions have to be filled within a very short time. In addition, companies benefit from the know-how, network and industry expertise of the consultations. For example Candidates can also be identified across borders and even fully remote solutions can be found.

Which positions and industries do you cover?

NOEDO Digital's team and network have extensive specialist expertise in the sectors of financial investors, management consulting and operations. For manufacturing and service companies, NOEDO Digital is a sought-after contact for usually owner-managed, medium-sized companies. In principle, NOEDO Digital fills all positions in the sectors with an annual gross salary of EUR 45,000 or more. Different search and project management techniques and the combination of digital tools with classic recruiting work enable NOEDO to fill digital professionals of all seniorities.

Which package is right for me?

At NOEDO we offer you various packages for your recruiting needs. Depending on the complexity and effort, you can choose between a pure database campaign ("job campaign"), a hybrid product with an active candidate approach ("active search"), to a full service package with a high degree of individualization of the search process and the dedicated one Select the use of a recruiting consultant ("Concierge Recruiting"). For individual solutions that are not covered by our standard packages, we will always find a suitable solution for you.

How do we differ from the usual recruiting processes?

First and foremost, NOEDO Digital offers its customers a swift and transparent recruiting process. This is possible through the consistent standardization of processes in communication and candidate search using available technology. In addition to our own databases, we also use external networks and artificial intelligence to find the right profiles for the right customers and to address them on the right channel. As a result, we are usually able to present precisely fitting candidates very quickly.

Why is NOEDO Digital qualified when it comes to home office & remote work?

The NOEDO team has had management experience in the context of remote work for almost 10 years. In addition, the management is also certified in remote leadership and has been using the advantages of decentralized work in its own team since it was founded. Continuous training and an international network of remote work experts ensure that NOEDO Digital's customers benefit from all known best practices and thus receive the best possible advice in addition to recruiting as well as leading remote teams.